The farm is located right by Hammervatnet and here we have several activities that guests can use, including boating, kayaking and canoeing in the summer and kicksledding in the winter. Send us a message and we can arrange a visit to the barn!

Rent a boat, kayak, canoe and fishing equipment

With us you can rent both a tandem kayak, canoe and a boat with electric motor for fishing and recreation in Hammervatnet. Take a trip over to Hammerøya or the small island "Kuba". We have vests in most sizes. In the winter, it is possible to rent ice fishing equipment and kicksleds. Contact us for booking!


500,- nok per day for boat with electric motor and fishing equipment

200,- nok per day  fortandem kayak/canoe


If you are a guest in the sheepbarn apartment, GapaLux or cabin in the forest, you get half price. Pay through your booking or in the farm shop. Fishing licenses can be purchased here. (Boat rental is only valid from 20/6-15/9)

Greet the animals on the farm

Join inside the barn and have the opportunity to greet many different animals, including sheep and lambs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and ducks. Pick your own eggs and give food to the animals. We tell you about the animals and can also take you to see the animals that goes out to pasture, and the woolly pigs that enjoy themselves near the water!

400,- nok for half an hour.